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Dear Friends,

        The idea for our business came from choosing the best product to maintain and clean the fur of our pet - Golden Retriever Ellie.
Ellie is 2 years old  now and she is very naughty and playful dog. Unfortunately, when she was 3 months old, we discovered he was suffering from hip dysplasia. It was a very difficult time for us, but we did not give up on her. We love her, take care of her and do everything to make her happy. And what she gives us is love, friendship and loyalty. Isn't that worth the effort...?!

         Anything else that I will say about us will just be another story about something new coming to the market. The more important thing in this case it is not to present the company we created as such, but to reveal its goals and intentions.

          Our desire to distinguish ourselves from others by working for the health and happiness of our pets, respectively your pet. Our aim is to help you in their proper cultivation. Let's learn together how not to treat them as objects or toys to diversify our daily lives, but to raise them with love, as members of our families, our children, our loved ones. To choose the best for them as we do for our loved ones. And what's better than taking care of our pet using products made from all-natural ingredients that won't hurt them, won't burn their fur and won't poison their bodies.

            Therefore, we decided to start the development of new formulas and products for animal care that are safe, all-natural and at the same time effective. Together with a local natural cosmetics factory, we have developed new formulas for shampoos for the care of domestic pets, and we continue to work on the development of new such products. Our desire is to maximize our potential and satisfy all the needs of our friends - the pets. To make them happier, healthier and better looking.

Thank you for your trust!!!  

From the PUREPUP team

In order for your dog to be happy and you to be calm about its health and appearance, trust our natural products and feel the result immediately. Thank you!
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