How to choose the best shampoo for your dog and how often to bath it?

There are thousand dog shampoos available commercially, but not all of them are good for some dogs. Read the labels and make sure the shampoo you buy is recomended for puppies. Don't get medicated shampoos unless your veterinarian recomends it. Instead get a good quality shampoo / if you can use a natural product will be the best option for you/, that is just made for cleaning the puppy. 
Please, do not forget that the shampoos made for people are not good for your pets, because their skin is much different from humans ones and the Ph is different as well. 
How often to bath my dog?
You don't need to bathe your dog more often than once a month, although natural shampoos are suitable even for daily use. It will be more nesesary to have a bath more than onece a month  only if they have managed to get themselves  covered in something smelly, sticky, very muddy or toxic. If you do find your dog is need of a bath, keep it simple. Brush your dog before bathing and then you will need only dog safe shampoo/ natural if possible/, warm water and few old towels. Make sure that you avoid shampoo going anywhere near his eyes or nose. If it happens please make sure you rinse them immediately, but carefully. You have to keep the ears dry from inside to avoid the the development of a bacterial infection and the formation of thick and strong-smelling earwax.
The Refreshing dog shampoo is the best choice for  active dogs that love to splash in muddy puddles. 


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