Puppy special cleaning - tricks on how to help clean your little friend after getting mucky

What you can do if you find fleas in your dog's coat? - The flea comb will catch some of the small pests, especially around the puppy's eyes and ears. Insecticides also work, but many owners are afraid to use them too much, because it could be dangerous for their pet. If you decide to use special preparations, only use flea and tick preparations made specifically for puppies and recommended by your veterinarian. If you have any doubts or concerns, consult him!
For sticky items like chewing gum, rub the area with ice to freeze the gum and break it up, or pour some vegetable oil on it to make it easier to remove. Note, however, that the gum usually needs to be cut.
If your puppy gets paint on it's fur, don't use paint thinners on it. They are toxic! Try to wash off the paint with soap and water. If it doesn't come out. cut off the dyed fur. A simple dishwashing liquid or soap will usually reduce the grease if you have a machine oil stain. Just make sure you rinse it well.
If you've been out for a walk and stepped on sticky grass or thorns, your friend is sure to stick to a lot of them. Most seeds and plants can simply be combed out. If they are tangled, use a little vegetable oil (just a little) or some hair conditioner to make the edge a little slippery. You will then need to wash off the oil or grease with a good shampoo. If the seed has really penetrated the fur, cut it off. Call your veterinarian if you find deeply embedded thorns, spines, and quills. Removing spines and quills can be very painful and your vet may want to sedate or anesthetize the dog while doing it.
If your pup has somehow attracted or stepped on strong odors that regular shampoo won't handle, try the folowing trick: Coat your pup with tomato juice or vinegar, rubbing it deep into the fur. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse it off. You may need to repeat the treatment several times, remembering to wash off with some of our natural shampoos at the end. Whichever you choose, your pet will feel refreshed and happy.


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