Why do dogs have wet noses?

A dogs’ ability to detect scents is up to 10,000 time more sensitive than the human nose. As an example, they can sniff out one rotten apple among 2 MILLION barrels of apples. A wet nose enhances the ability to trap olfactory chemicals in the secretions produced in the glands of the nose.

Some dogs lick their nose, contributing to the “wet nose”  look and enhancing the process of scent detection as those chemicals are processed in olfactory centers in the roof of their mouths. Dogs also produce more secretions from their nose as a way of regulating body temperature.

Sweat glands are found in the feet and nose and as such, a wet nose helps keep them cool.

Should I worry if my dog has a dry nose? Nope! If the dog is otherwise happy and healthy, without dried discharge around the nostrils, a dry nose is not an indicator of an illness.


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